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Best Northern Lights Gaming online slots with no deposit bonus codes in New Zealand

Find the best Northern Lights Gaming pokies, games, casinos and no deposit bonus codes for Kiwi players. Northern Lights Gaming have been giving New Zealand players a great gaming experience with huge welcome and no deposit bonuses. Kiwi players get to enjoy playing on the online slots by Northern Lights Gaming wherever they are. Most of these are compatible with iOS and Android.

Northern Lights Gaming game provider description

Northern Lights Gaming was founded in the beginning of 2017 by a small team with 50+ years of experience from the online gaming industry. Team consists of creators, developers and designers all with the aim of creating the best high-end video slots to ever hit the market. Team members are behind some of the most successful games ever on the UK market, and have repeatedly created and successfully launched games and entire gaming platforms both for desktop and mobile game play.
Games are designed for multiple markets across the world, but specific edge in the UK market will have initially focusing on building games for the UK player. The games will be available on major operators, starting in 2018.

New Zealand’s Northern Lights Gaming casino bonuses

No Deposit Bonus

The Northern Lights Gaming Bonus can be used to play some of the games that are available at the online casinos.

Welcome Bonus

This Northern Lights Gaming Welcome bonus is awarded to players for making deposits into their casino accounts.

Cash Back Bonus

Cash Back Northern Lights Gaming Bonuses are given to New Zealand players that have not made any winnings for a long period of time.

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