Any slot game, apart of the graphics and animation, has underlying complex mathematics. In fact it is believed that while the art attracts players, it is the math that makes the game exciting.

Creating and balancing the maths is often long and daunting process, which requires a lot of knowledge about player types and preferences. Game designers use various tools, from spreadsheets to dedicated software to make it happen. Let’s have a look into the process of creation of the slot machine.

Slots Studio is a tool that simplifies designing, balancing and testing slot games.

First, game designer defines the basics of your game: number and size of reels, play window,paylines, bonuses etc. On top on this various mechanics are added. A designer can take readymade from attached library or easily create his own. After setting the payout schedule, Slots Studio returns game RTP and volatility along with multiple detailed statistics, like odds for particular results, hit probabilities, win frequencies, distribution of prizes per payout / feature and many others.

Game designer can tune the game by either changing numeric parameters of the game, or by manually manipulating the reels. After each change Slots Studio makes hundreds of thousands of spin simulations. The process repeats until the results are perfect.

The animated game simulator allows the designer to test the game at any stage, so she can not only understand its look and feel, but also the most important thing – the emotions.

You can see the demo of Slots Studio at or our YouTube channel

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