SlotCatalog the Malta-based data-driven analytics platform that provides an all-encompassing dashboard of centralised statistical information for real-time slots popularity and performance today announced the release of its upgraded SlotRank solution.

SlotCatalog, said: “Our vision as technologists is to become the defacto App Annie of the digital casino market. Our business model provides a central public repository of data points that simplifies formerly unstructured data in the iGaming ecosystem of slots, game studios and online casinos for our customers, who are slot players, operators and developers, into structured data that can allow businesses to make more informed decisions in product development and business road-maps on a geographical or market-based basis.

We are therefore delighted to roll-out the latest version of our SlotRank tool. SlotRank is our ranking algorithm which enables all our customers to ascertain how a particular slot game is performing in real-time.

Data is collected by analyzing online casinos lobbies and map various data points of all free publicly available slot games. We apply the SlotRank metric to each game based on its average lobby position data together with a casino weight parameter based on market location. The more popular the casino, the more weight to the games that are displayed in good positions.

SlotRank is calculated for each geographical region that we cover, which is 23 different regions as of this date.

Data is fundamental for any decision making in the fast-moving digital casino landscape both at the operator, affiliate, and developer level. Therefore to provide an unbiased platform of quantitative and qualitative data crunched by our data scientists, we believe it offers real-time transparency, information and value for our customers.”

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